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Larkhall Park has very limited funding from Lambeth Council, and the majority of this funding is spent on the absolute basics of emptying the litter bins, mowing the grass and undertaking very basic maintenance.

The Friends of Larkhall Park have worked to address this funding gap, for example by starting a Community Payback project in association with The London Community Rehabilitation Company.  The park is vastly improved thanks to the efforts of the community payback team who weed, litter pick and maintain the park every Sunday.

The park needs more money though - the Friends would love to improve the planting, add new trees, organise events and so on.  The community payback team use tools which inevitably need replacing, and this is all funded by the Friends from very limited funds.

If you are able to give a donation to the Friends, we can use this money to buy plants, replace tools and pay for the website, email list and so on.  All the Friends are volunteers, so all of your donations go directly to improving the park.

Regular donations are incredibly helpful so that we can plan for the future - even a pound a month would help hugely.

Thank you in advance!


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